Blood Moon

by You Can Call Me Sir

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The music reflects on magic and rituals that we participate in, either accidentally or self curated and how these rituals have an effect on our lived identities. It wonders why we compose these rituals...what kind of power we gain, what kind of power we take from others, unconsciously and consciously. This music is haunting like the South... it's about smoldering desires... how delicate humans are and how we don’t even know each other at all.


released July 22, 2019

Cristy Michel - dominatrix - vocals, guitar, bass, electronics, beats- both meanings.

Matt Petty - experimental trombone, found sounds, moody elements, verbiage.


Special thanks to Michael L. Schneider - drums, recording, production.

Meg Risley - EP cover photo

Cathy Davies Bell - graphic design


all rights reserved



You Can Call Me Sir Los Angeles, California

Artists making digital music informed by their lived queer experiences growing up in the haunted swamplands of the American South.

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Track Name: Dark River
D a r k e n e d magic
A dark river
Drenched in blues

Smoldering desires
Burn through you

Snake charms poison
Scars to flame

Heart stoked the fire
Bed burned in shame

Bottle shards wound
Deepen the vein

Dark magic
4 year old pain

I don’t know who you are
Track Name: Jackalope
I see you at the edge of the highway
You dirty dog
You take what you need and go away

I see you at the edge of the skyway
You lying dog…
You take what you need and go away

I see you at the edge of the gallery
You filthy dog
You take what you need and go away

I see you at the edge of this mind game
You rabid dog
You take what you need and go away

What would your mama say… baby girl…

You’re a Jackalope
Track Name: Blood Moon
Across the street the man is dead
The moon in the sky is red
There’s blood on the avenue
There’s blood on the living moon

There’s smoke on the riverbed
This voice ringing in my head
There’s blood on the living moon
There’s blood running over you

I’ll follow you
I hope you follow

Hell in your eyes
Lake of fire
Wipe your eyes angel child
Sins to the dogs
The stockpile fire
Close your eyes
Light the fire

Right into the fire
I’ll follow you
Track Name: This Love Is On Fire
I climbed through your window
To find you stare
Blood runs past your eyes
A silent glare
The man in the room was never there
Your fire burns the sky
Steals the air

Distorted in the moonlight
I climbed the stairs
The smell of gasoline
In your tangled hair
Across the dirty sheets
Your lipstick smeared
Your body like a ghost
In the broken mirror

This love is on fire

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